Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Interview w/ Dick Grunert, Creator of Dead of Night Radio

"The days have gotten colder and the nights have grown longer. There's no doubt that Winter is upon us and although that means the luster of Fall is behind us there's still time for one last send-off for Halloween before you start to carve up those Thanksgiving turkey and break out that dusty Black Christmas DVD. Our year-end Halloween Hooplad begins with a project that's actually perfect for these Winter nights: Dick Grunert's Dead of Night Radio.

An ode to those late night terror transmissions of days gone by, Dead of Night Radio recently concluded a new series of midnight radio dramas in collaboration with The Autumn Society. Each story literally drips with the kind of macabre atmosphere that can only be drawn upon the midnight hour and serves to expose a different subgenre of horror that is sure to leave you with more than a few shivers. Dick joined us recently to share the origins of Dead of Night as well as shed a bit of light on its future." - Rondal Scott III (Strange Kids Club)

Read the full interview at Strange Kids Club.


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